Places to be:
-New York at Christmas time
-Driving down Route 66
-Spring time in DC (aka cherry blossoms!)
-Harry Potter Studios
-Perth, Australia.
- Golden Gate Bridge
-On a Riverboat 
-Historical road trip from Boston to Savannah

Things to do:
-Get married in the temple
-Have 5 tiny humans 
-Have a blue room
-Pet a Koala
-Find a shopping cart + photoshoot
-Zipline through a forest... or jungle... or backyard.
-Try sushi
-See fireflies
-Meet Donny Osmond (to please 11-year-old holly)
-Subscribe to LIFE Magazine (dream was crushed due to the fact that they don't print LIFE magazine anymore, and haven't since the 70s. whoops! guess I'll just stick with hoarding old ones)

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