hi guys! my name is Holly. I am 20 years old, living here in good ol' Utah Valley. I absolutely adore this place. Especially the mountains. the mountains are good.

I kind of do whatever I can get my mitts on--- photographer, graphic designer, crafter, doodler. I love learning new artistic skills and just rolllllin' with it no matter how amateur I am :)
oh, I am also a medical assistant at Utah Valley Pediatrics and I love it so much.

I'm the favorite daughter and the weird sister. (ok probably the weird daughter too) I have three sisters, and four brothers (including in-laws). We're all pretty tiiight. I also have the cutest niece and nephew on.. the planet, shall we say? and two more on the way!

I blame all of my awesomeness on my parents, they done raise me right!
My mom is currently undergoing chemo for stage 2 breast cancer, which sucks, but hey it's life! you'll read a lot about that if you frequent this ol' blog. (GO GET A MAMMOGRAM!! ... I mean. if you're a woman)

I, like so many of the great people of Utah, am a Mormon. I am proud of my religion, and I love it with all my pea-pickin' heart. If you want know more about that, go here! 

Nerd for:  Harry Potter, Jane Austen, design, antiques, history, and too much more.
I LOVE movies, and seriously most of the words that come out of my mouth are movie quotes. 
I could eat pancakes for every meal if that was healthy.
I am incredibly blessed in the BFF department.
I am the most non-picky person when it comes to music. I love the old stuff, the new stuff, just not the screaming stuff, and if you turn on rap I'll just sit there and be awkward. (but I won't hate it. ok well sometimes I will.)
I'm a shutter-happy lunatic 

I should probably stop talking, yeh?

enjoy the reading!