what it is


well there you have it, the world's most accidental hiatus from blogging. I feel so zen.

nah, the truth is, I've been focusing quite a ton on my family, my friends, the gospel, and my very own self and well-being.

FAMILY: just read this. it's basically all I can say, and most of what I want to say, but I wouldn't write it nearly as lovely as she. that lady never quits.

Basically the last few months have been really hard in a lot of areas of my life. (basically all of those listed above) things don't always turn out how you imagined they would, oh heck no. curveballs out the wazoo. life sometimes stands still for you, and rushes on for everyone else. but through all of this, I have learned just how similar I am to my sweet mama. f'real you guys, it's kind of weird how alike our 21-year-old selves are, but also it's SO HELPFUL.

I keep wanting to give a big pep talk to all of the young girls I know, telling them that HEY, LIFE IS HARD SOMETIMES. It just is. life is hard, people move on, things change, and sometimes it's nobody's fault, and it's really really OK to be sad about change. it's OK to have a hard time with it, and it's OK to be by yourself so that YOU can deal with it and process it the way you need. the fact of the matter, my dearies, is that it is what it is.

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