living on

Here's the deal! Sometimes, sooometimes, life is just about surviving.
I mean, not all the time. WHAT kind of life would that be? ya gotta live and all that cheesy stuff.
but sometimes you just have to survive, anddddd live on things that keep you going and make you happy!

I am currently living on....

1. Thursday Friday and Saturday of this week, AKA TOMORROW! aahhhhhh Family tiiiiime yesssssssss. (don't ask me why I capitalized the word "family"... not fixin' it, they are basically a proper noun)
2. losing myself in editing three awesome shoots from last week. so much happiness in there!
3. Diet Coke like always and forever. (didn't see that one comin', did ya?)
4. Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas CD. I cannot stress this enough... it is wonderful. that was dramatic.
5. Crafting. can I just do crafts for a living? I'm serious. ok I just want to be Alison Faulkner, if we're being honest
6. Abraham Lincoln quotes. wait, guys, seriously! do yourself a FAVOR and read through these. I'm planning on doing a series of them, for hand-lettering practice, and to make people know how cool and to be quiiite honest--- down-to-earth that dude is. such wit!
7. BABIES. and ok yeah toddlers too. if you couldn't tell from my instagram, Ivy is finally starting to love me as much as I love her ;)

Thanksgiving tomorrow! I'm real thankful for my life. reeeeally really. I'll write more about that later this week. look at me, gettin' back in the swing of things! I'm just gonna keep on writing even if no one is reading.

have a happy one!

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