well. currently, I am watching The Family Stone. It's one of 2 Christmas movies I am allowing myself to watch before Thanksgiving. I have no serious objections to Christmas movies before, buuuut I just know the possibility of getting sick of them is likely. (but really is it? probably not)
It's been a happy Sunday, and I think a big part of that is the fact that this weeks is looking good. It's always easier to have a good Sunday when you know good things are on their way. OBVIOUSLY Thanksgiving is the best. and see, this year, ours is looking like a three-day marathon of food family and crafting. I mean WHAT MORE could I want?

I'm not here to talk about that though! I'm here to talk about churchy things. because there isn't near enough of that around these parts. and what the HECK kind of a blog is this if I don't express how I feel and what I know about this gospel?!

Back in high school, I had seminary with one of my best friends. One day, we were doing a "let us all gather in a circle and have a class-wide heart-to-heart" lesson. (it was really good, that sounded sarcastic, but I loved it) I think it must have been something where one question was asked, and then a few people were selected to answer? I'm not sure.

Brother Moore asked, "If you could hear the testimony of one person here, whose would it be?"

And lo and behold, my best friend answered, "I think I'd want to hear Holly's."

Well go figure, there's no non-awkward way to share your testimony with your best friend, especially of the opposite gender. (we were fragile, ok?) There a few random little moments of different friendships that I remember, and this is one of the most random. but I think it's stuck with me for a long time so I always remember to share that light that I have been given, to share my testimony by living the right way, and so that I remember to make it known to my family and friends and heck, maybe even some strangers, what I stand for and what I believe.

Sister Harret Uchdtorf wrote, "You... are vibrant and enthusiastic beacons in an ever-darkening world as you show, through the way you live your lives, that the gospel is a joyful message"

I have a strong and simple testimony. I could go on and on about how intensely it has grown this year. I have never had any doubts, and I pray and pray that I will never lose sight of that light; the light that brings peace in hard times, humility in good times, and courage when looking to the uncertain future.

I am so grateful the a loving Father in Heaven who knows me, who knows my needs and shows me how to use my own talent and knowledge to help me meet my needs. I complain about 2014 a lot, because yeah, it was the worst. but my, how we have all grown. Spiritually, more than any other way. and that kind of made it better. (not the best--- just better)

I think bittersweet is the word.

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