Hey baby, it's been a while. no much, how bout you? it's been such a long long while, and I really just wanted to talk to you.

how's that for an intro?! (if you know me you know that nothing BUT 94.1 is playing in my car) I have taken a completely accidental vacation from this here blog. but also who even cares? ha. well. chances are, if you follow this space closely, you also follow my instagram. I don't know, maybe not. but you might wanna look into that cause... that's where my life is documented! (I continue to wonder if that's ok or not... I'm pretty sure it is)

At this very moment I am...
Installing photoshop on my brand new beautiful Pacific-Ocean-size computer
Dreading transferring all of my fonts. dreading.
Watching The Office nonstop. hashtag nostolgia.
Re-stocking my Etsy shop with new goods.
Determined to make money off my art.
Searching quietly for a mentor.
Drinking Diet Coke with coconut
Looking for...ward to AUTUMN. Even you, Halloween, even you.

That was kind of a short list but it seems that that is all I have the attention span for at the moment!

Cheerio for now. I'll be back. probably. 

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