Yesterday I was working Saratoga and I did my first strep test. I've seen a MILLION done, and I was kinda just like, Well. If I just bounce that sucker around in there, I'm bound to get some disease on it. So I did. but you know what? tongues are strong. so after I tried my best with tongue depressor, and swabbed that swab around in there. It was the best and the most I could do. I was unsure.
that felt good.

Then last night, as I was staying up wayyy too late watercoloring my life away, there was a fly. actually, there were two. they just decided to linger around my workspace, and make me curse at them, knowing I didn't have the speed to swat them to their deaths.
but that fly landed my desk, and by gosh I took a lid to it and it DIED.
that felt good too.

Little things have been making me feel really empowered lately. a successful day at a busy busy doctors office, for example. it's way intimidating, but the feeling at the end of the day is unbeatable.
I didn't give anyone the wrong vaccination! I didn't kill anyone! HOLLER!

That's how I'm choosing to look at my day tomorrow. one of the busiest doctors to work with, but by gosh, 5:00 (or probably 6:00) is gonna feel GREAT.  let's hope. #prayforme

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