When Amanda left on her mission, I wrote her an iffy letter. She had some worries, probably the same worries that everyone has. that she'd get out there, and hate it. that she would get out there, and want to come right back home.

I have some breaking news for you all. 1. Missions aren't for everyone, and 2. It is ok to admit defeat.
but I didn't write that. I wrote, "YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS. You were made to GO on this mission. maybe you'll go for 18 months, maybe less"

I know. pessimistic. I know. My point is, what EVER is thrown at you,what ever you are going through, what ever you are planning, whatever you are not doing. you were made for.

Heavenly Father gave you your personality, and it is fit for what ever he put in your plan.

Things are hard, deal with it how will you will, but you were made for it. whatever "it" is.

ok? ok.

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  1. Let me just say, you are one smart little cookie! I am so proud of you! You are wise beyond your years (I've known this about you since you were a teeny tiny by the way) I learn things from you all the time. I'm gonna stitch your quote on a pillow , "Heavenly Father gave you your personality , and it is fit for whatever he put in your plan". Lots of good stuff in there. Lots of good stuff in you. If you ever wonder about that, you call me and I will remind you, OK? Love you Holly doll!