Cleaned up the crazy

Tonight I was feeling restless and gross. Does that ever happen to you? I was in the house most of the day, working on one reeeeally tricky graphic for Mormon.org. it is one of the best quotes about mothers I think I've ever heard, so I feel pressure to get it just right. (I've completely started over on it 4 times.... Haha. Ha. Help.)

SO. after sitting on my duff for hours, I just felt blech. I needed air. So I drove to Sonic with my windows down, not really minding the chill, cause... I needed air. I sipped my dirty diet coke on the way home and decided that the best way out of that funk was to de-funk my space. So I watched New Girl, and cleaned my room. (The DC never more than 5 feet from me. I might have a problem)

Cleaning my room has always been a really good way for me to chill when I'm stressed, sad, and especially mad. I turned on every lightbulb in the place, let the fresh air swim in through the window, and de-cluttered while quoting along with "peeeernis...." (If you understand then we are best friends)

Now I'm sitting on my cozy bed in my clean room, catching up on Greys (I'm like 2 seasons behind but when something as monumental as BURKE coming back happens, ya gotta get your SCT together and catch up. Then again if Christina is leaving, do I actually want to catch up??)

Anyways. I'm feeling' good.

(Next time: Holly escapes a near-tow experience and goes to Jiffy Lube like a big girl.)

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  1. I'm the same way, cleaning my room always makes me feel accomplished and therefore makes me feel better about life. Nothing like a good room cleaning while watching/quoting new girl. You are cool.