My mom gave me money and I bought sweats. not even ashamed.

Amanda left on her mission early this morning and I am SO EXCITED for her.

I'm on a dirty Diet Coke kick... otherwise known as normal every day life.

When I left the Navasards this morning I waved and said, "Bye Miles!" he ran after me and said "Wait! hug!", I said "we are best friends for..." and he said "EVA!!!" It's a new thing and I like it!

This three weeks after chemo have gone WAY faster than before. boooooo.

I'm really into sitting on my porch. like. I love it. hey dad, let's get a swing please.

Went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point and HOLY STARS go. it's so worth the money. go, and be amazed at how awesome flowers are (really think about it, guys) and take a cliche picture and get a bag of little donuts at that one snack tent.

I am listening to Ingrid's new album nonstop... oh my gosh it is so good.

I have 8 more hours left in my internship. then moneyyyy!!!!!

over and out, stay golden.

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