Life according to google

Hello all! Tonight I have decided to copycat the lovely Maddie, of With All Our Hearts. She is a GEM, and this idea is too. (but really go read her blog, cause she is kind of incredible PLUS really funny and just delightful.)

My google search history in the passed month-ish, BEHOLD:

Emily Blunt baby
T Rex video
Baby t rex
Whale shark
Great white shark
Nurse shark 
What is creatinine?
Snail fish
Thorny devil
Frilled lizard
Sperm whale
Giant squids
Bowhead whale
Blue ringed octopus
Mockingjay spoilers
Las Vegas shows
Mary Blair art
The British Pantry

Explanation of animals: Miles
You can use your imagination on the rest

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  1. I'm dying over all the animals Miles makes you look up. Love it.