Learning curves and owl-like sleep habits

Apparently my body decided to become nocturnal for the night. what? it is 3:15 and I am only a little bit tired. the smart thing to do would be to just, you know, go to bed, where I would probably fall right to sleep. but I don't know...

Last night I was getting frustrated with my right brain. I think I worked it too hard yesterday, ha. I got real (cheap, but real) watercolors, you know, the ones in tubes! I've been experimenting a lot, and I think yesterday I wasted one too many papers with awful colorful doodles that I could not get to look how I wanted. I am also working on some T shirt designs for Agnes and Dora, and just like it takes time to get used to watercolors, it also takes time to get used to a different style than I'm used to. but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Today I decided to just take a break from it all. I barely touched my desk all day. I got up, played with Ivy, went to the Riverwoods with the Navasards, came home, and went to a little Chemo class with my mom and dad (THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT. I feel so much less anxiety when I have facts and answers, don't you?) When I got home, I invited myself to sushi with my sister and her friends (I found one that I liked! holler!) and thennnn... I went and got Katie and we went to try out The Chocolate Mousse, in Provo. it's pie. I wanted pie. oh THEN we felt like fries, so we went to Guru's and downed a plate of sweet potatoes. hahahaha.

MORAL OF THE STORY: I have been off the computer, off the paints, all day. and I think that's why when I sat down at my computer at 11:30, I didn't get up for a couple hours. All of my frustrations with my art were whisked away by simply taking a break, and I was able to submit three T-shirt designs, and paint up something that feels like my style, heading in the direction I want.

I guess I'll just be an owl for tonight.
no, never mind. I think I'll go to bed.

but before that, look at my cute best good friend and my current favorite animal.  (babies only)
they're both real cute.
FOUR MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!

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