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WEEEELLLLLL here's the thing peeps, chemo coming from a daughter-at-home point-of-view (that was a lot of ----'s

Being a sick lady sucks, ya know? it does. but so far, it does not suck NEARLY as bad as how emotionally and physically ill she was in the hospital. the thing about that hospital is, we had noooo idea when we would see her wheeling out of there. it was really discouraging for everyone, and we got annoyingly used to the phrase "one day at a time". and the question, "how is her pee today?"
    But with chemo, we KNOW she will only be miserable for a few days, and it is in the comfort of our own home. I'm a huuuuuuuuge (that's 8 u's) believer in your emotional and mental health contributing in a large way to your physical health. the sun is shining, she is home with the coolest people in her life, the sun is shining, she is home.... you get it. HOME>>>> HOSPITAL.

to answer your unspoken but surely thought-of questions, she is doing pretty good. we have been told that the 3rd, 4th, and/or 5th days are the worst. we are on day 3, and she's just having some unpleasant stomach cramps, and you know, all-around ooginess, but thankfully her nausea is under control.

I mean, I've never seen an actual real-live chemo patient going through the hell that it is, I'm just going off Kristina Braverman. (which was horrifying)... I know things might get worse the more treatments she has, but there is absolutely positively no use in thinking about that right now. we are still taking this one day at a time! that's 3 weeks away, man!!

as always, thank you one and ALL. for the kind words you have given us and the prayers said for mama jo. if you drive passed my house, you will see that we really mean, THANK YOU.

much love!

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  1. love you to absolute pieces Holly Doll! Thanks soooo much for the update. I've been wondering how it was going. You are very wise to let this be put into perspective by that hell that was the hospital chapter. I'm very thankful your mama can be at home because, as you said, home is the very best place to be when you just feel lousy. I've said before, your mom has created an amazing village for herself and your family, and now is the sort of time one needs that kind of cozy, security and support. Keep up the good work, I love your attitude. We'll be home from the Great White North in a few days and I'll text you. Needless to say, you all are in our prayers. Candles being lit. love you.