Love can thaw a frozen heart

Mom and I were at a restaurant, and the worker wasn't very friendly. I was just annoyed, (I get SO bugged with bad customer service. just check my twitter) but didn't really say anything or react. When we sat down, my mom said, "See what I did there? She was in a bad mood. so I was reeeally nice, and the more I was nice, the more cheery she got. I was testing that theory I had."

Love can thaw a frozen heart.

The day after we found out mom most-likely had cancer, we went and saw Frozen. I cried during most of it, because well. although it's easy to get caught up in a magical movie such as that, and forget about real life... the cancer thing was too fresh on my mind. And now Frozen is kind of a huge comfort to me, and my mom too. (I'm actually pretty obsessed. I'm like a 7-year-old girl.)

anyway, I didn't really think about that quote until the other day. I was trying to think of some quotes from the movie to doodle, and of course that one was all over Pinterest. I thought about the meaning, and immediately thought of that experience.

Just show love to people, even if they are cranky pantses. (Not saying that that worker had a frozen heart... but you get the idea.)

I love my mom and her example!
hurrah for no dialysis today.
one day I will blog about something other than cancer... I promise.

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  1. I'm so glad she didn't need dialysis today. That's a good day. Your mom is so great.
    Kindness begets kindness. Customer service is a hard place to keep your cool at all times. I love to tell people who have good customer service skills that they did a great job. Keeps them happy. And everyone they help afterward as well.