Inspired/stolen from Paige and Sydney and like every other blogger.

Watching: every movie we own, and Sherlock.

Playing: Chim-Chim Cheree, Saving Mr. Banks version, on the Piano. not even playing games cause I'm a grandma like that.

Thanking: THE HEAVENS for who we live by, how we live, and what we live for. aka cancer sucks, but it opens your eyes and makes you count your blessings. and friends.

Making: lots of things that no one is buying. (that was a pitiful thing to say, I'm over it. someone help me. I need a mentor. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?)

Baking: A lot of cakes. and other things. English Scones on the menu tomorrow! I started my own recipe collection. cause.  I need to learn to cook for reals. and I want to!

Loving: MY INTERNSHIP. I can't say enough about it. It is the perfect place for me, with the best people, and doctors who actually want to teach. and who thank the nurses at the end of the day. and the KIDS! k seriously, I'll blog about that another day

Eating: Mini Wheats and toast every day

Listening: to Frozen. and some Carole King.

Ignoring: the fact that I have no money.

Obsessing: over Scandinavian Folk Art, and my couch.

Marveling: at the fact that the beginning of best friend returns comes in 4 months. FOUR MONTHS. and then another 2 months after that, and then ANOTHER 2 MONTHS AFTER THAT AND AFSILJFKAJSDF

I'm quite done.

Tomorrow is going to be a really good day!

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  1. you are adorable. and that comes from someone in the uk. so there's that.