Three inspirations

I had a post written about my "hobbies" lately, but I reverted that son of a gun.
Cause I have seen soooo much inspiration today, man! and I thought I'd share.

we have Jessica Hische. 
she designed the cover of my favorite personal belonging, my Pride and Prejudice book. 
She's the kind that inspires, but I know I'll never rise to her level. The devil's in the details! also, she designed the titles for Moonrise Kingdom!


we have Cup and Cake art, on Etsy. I bought her Narwhal print at the Bijou Market, which was only an easy decision because if it's a choice between anything else and a Narwhal, the Narwhal will win. But really, everything in her shop is incredibly happy and colorful. It's so unique, too. I'm a FAN of unique color combos and styles, and that is her. I just sent her a message expressing my obsession, actually. cause she should know how talented she is.

Oh you guys. OH. you've probably seen a lot of her work around the Pinterest universe.
The Wheatfield, by Katie Daisy. Again with the color!  Every piece is unique from the other, but the same style at the same time. I found this one today, and if I was so tempted to buy it right then and there. instead I guess I'll just obsess over it until I'm no longer a poor little orphan child.


And that, my friends, is all I wish to be in life. My own version of these three artists.

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