They think they're happy

It is pretty much stupid. stupid of me to write this. I feel like I'm so under-informed compared to the great (and annoying) internet debaters of today. ok but to be fair, this is no debate. this is just my simple belief. about happiness.

You of course remember that putrid picture going around internet, rustling up all sorts of debate and argument between friends and strangers alike. the equal sign. well, a friend of mine posted that on instagram, and somehow a few people she didn't know decided to strike up a heated debate (more like Mormon-bashing fest) about the issue. one thing, through all of this talk about gay marriage has stuck with me, something that was said in that conversation of comments.

The friend said something like, "I know for a fact that true happiness can only be obtained through marriage between a man and a woman"


but to the person on the opposing side, that was probably a judgmental statement. they probably wonder who in their right mind could tell them, what true happiness to them is.  it occurred to me that people outside of the LDS church --- people surrounded by worldly pleasures, people choosing to sin --- they think they are happy. of course they do! they have a family, they have money, they have the nice house. why wouldn't they be happy?

ah, but they don't know how much more happy they could be. us Mormons, we have it all. all of us may not have the car, the house, the piles of money. but we have true happiness. we have knowledge and truth that brings everlasting joy. beyond rubies.

they just don't know what's possible.

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