The Long and Winding Road

So if you haven't heard, my mom has cancer. whaaaat? noooo. yes.

It's kind of the weirdest thing, someone in your family having cancer. you see all the movies and shows, and all the movies and shows say "you never think it'll happen to you", and BAM that is true.

you really don't! but then it does, and you just have to let the tears fall whenever they want to, and you have to accept help and love and support from the people around you, and you have to give it time to settle.
and you know, maybe it'll never settle. hell, it probably won't. it's cancer. it's crap-town USA.
I am grateful for a few specific things:

1. My dad, and the person he is. #TherapistDadPerks
2. My mom and the person SHE is. she doesn't think she's brave, but we all know she is. and we'll make her see it.
3. My sisters. at times like this, gosh I don't know what I would do without my sisters.
4. "The Village" ... it's what we're calling every commenter and well-wisher who wished well on mine or my mom's Facebook when we posted that post yesterday. you see it happen, you see sad things happen to other people and you see the outpouring of love, and you think it's so great. but it's a whole different thing when it's directed towards you and your family. every comment brings either a laugh (thank you) or a tear (in a good way). we are so blessed. HASHTAG BLESSED FOR HEAVENS SAKE. 
5. my friends. as you know, most of my friends are on missions. but the few that are home have been nothing but loving. and the ones on missions, they sent lovely words too!
6. My Heavenly Father, and peace he gives.

I'll still be posting updates, but I'll be posting them over here on my mom's blog. 

Thank you, village. we can feel your good vibes and prayers and love.

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