Messy Bessy Straightens Up

I'm a pretty messy person... but not like, disgusting, ALWAYS messy messerson. I'm just your average cluttery artsy-fartsy. I have this desk in our family room, that my parents have been so kind as to let me take over as my craft desk. it's been HUGELY unorganized, because although there are 4 drawers and tons of desk space, I just seem to have too much crap! then I was like, OK. I think a shelf would help. luckily (since I have like $50 to my name, not complaining) I had an extra shelf, so I just went and picked up some brackets (learned that word last night, thank you condescending Lowe's employee) and hung up a shelf! and I organized, I did!

here are some pictures of my delightful little spot. now let's see how long it takes to become a disaster again.

just kidding mom.

(Jessy sent me a pretty kick-butt package, that lovely picture was included. holler)

and here we have the namesake of my shop. 

hey, happy Tuesday!

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