Damn Cancer

First, what you need to know as a family member or friend, is that regardless of the tough situation that we face, we Robinsons are fine. we are good. we are a brave people! we don't want you to worry about us, this post is being written purely so that you know what's going on, and we humbly ask for your prayers for our family.

As it turns out, our mama Jo has got herself the cancers of the breasteses. We don't know what stage yet, but we do know from the many reminders from her doctor, that breast cancer is not simply treated these days, it is cured.

If you know my mom, you probably think that she is handling it with her usual stellar sense of humor and great attitude. and you would be correct! she wouldn't want me saying this, but tough cookies, Joanna! she is just really brave and to have that great of an attitude when facing a pretty crappy few months, that's heroic to me and my siblings.

 Surgery is in her near future, and we will keep you posted.

There's no good way tell everyone we want to tell face-to-face, so please don't take it personally if you are hearing about this for the first time. 

Again, all we ask is to be in your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you for the love and support you have shown our family through the years!



  1. I concur. Your mom and my dad are both awesome.

  2. good job holly-doll. love you all!

  3. Oh my darling Jo-nana! You are so dear to me and my heart is full of love for you. You're on my mind more often than you think. Just look out your kitchen window and know that I'm available for ANYTHING at ANYTIME. No joke....unless you need a laugh; then I'll definitely have a joke or two up my sleeve.