Spread the Love of Christ

In sunday school, this lovely, spunky, hilarious gal is a teacher, and I love her lessons. I always walk out with a quote from her mouth that I would put up on my wall. A couple weeks ago it was "If you're sitting comfortably in the church, you're doin' something wrong!" ... meaning, always try harder, stretch your faith, etc.

Today she was talking about how on her mission in the Ukraine, it was really hard to get people to listen to a message that a couple of American girls wanted to share with them. She said the russian people are generally cold, and kinda just... mean. When she was talking to her dad about this during their Christmas phone call, he told her to just try and spread love, compliment people, say nice things, and be happy. To start with that, meaning I guess maybe to win them over so they would open their hearts and hear what they had to say. So she did, she said she would just "tell older ladies they looked pretty", and spread the love of Christ, without them knowing that's what she was doing.

I loved this, because it's something we can do in our daily lives. Just compliment people, smile, do service, and spread the love. We've all heard those stories about a non-member noticing a certain "glow" (not a pregnancy glow. well I guess if you're pregnant and a member that would work) to people who belong to our Church, because of how happy it makes us.

Then it reminded me of my favorite quote, by Mother Teresa. I'm so grateful for people in my life who are good examples of this. I try my best to make happiness rub off on other people, but I've got a lot to work on :)

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