Sporkerisms (episode 1)

this is my Christmas present to all of you. but if no one laughs, then it's just for my mom. and fam. ha.

I have this ISSUE in ma brain. we call it a "sporkerism"
you see, a spoonerism is where you mixed up two words. like "she bed on the sat" ... ya dig? (yeah! there's a word for that!)
well I do this thing... like... all the time, where I mixed up the first letters of two words. it's never on purpose, because honestly my mind doesn't think that fast.
since they're kind of like spoonerisms, we named them sporkerisms. and here they are. (yes I kept a list in my phone)
(some of these words sound like actual words, but I'm spelling them like the words they're supposed to be. that doesn't make sense. onward we go.)

My hegs are lairy
Rount Mushmore
Copylight raws
Up on the best in the ged room (some are far fetched. my brain. oh my brain)
Pat fig
Maple Bocun Danut
Sparking Pot ("Oh look ma! A sparking pot!)
Slock of filk worms (Brandy Cinderella)
I get lachey eggs
Harry chissing ko
Mirth bark
Bustin Jieber
She Amanded invita over.
Chigeon Pest (pigeon chest. look it up)
Cawberry Streamsaver
CHristmas creer
My bad dack
Shory and Kauna
Nirdy and Daughty
Kecret seeper

and the grand finale...said by my mother since apparently I rub off on people with my greatnessssss...


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