Keep Christmas With You

As we grow, so many things about Christmas change. the living situations, the relationships statuses, the number of people, some traditions have to be dropped, and some new ones brought in. one of the most... hmm. uncomfortable ones though, is how fast it goes by. the month of December, I mean. the holiday season. When we're kids, the time stretches on, and we don't appreciate that--- that the time goes slower than molasses in January. and when you're an adult, or close to an adult, all you want is for the time to stretch on.

I almost don't believe that Christmas is.. well. it is Christmas right now. that month went by so fast, and I feel like I didn't have enough time to enjoy and appreciate the Christmas spirit. BUT, I watched movies and donated a few bucks whenever the cashier asked. I spent time with family and friends, and reflected on the year. I reflected on Christ's birth, and all that he did so that we could be happy forever.

ok, so maybe I'm wrong. I enjoyed and appreciated it all in the moment that it was all happening, but looking back it's all a blur. and it's sad, but that's life I guess! and it goes on.

Sesame said it best, "Keep Christmas with you all through the year"

Happy Christmas, Harry!

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