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You know, when life is routine, any sort of little excitement is warmly welcomed.
Not saying that I was happy about my mom falling down this morning and smacking her eyebrow (she insists I say "face") on a corner, but hey. it's a good story.
Go over here to read it! I got mama set up with a blog, almost 200 pageviews on one post! the lady has got CHARISMA. and yes, she is FINE.

Oh, also. introducing my new obsession... duh duh duh DUHHHH here.

While we're just spouting out links to blogs and shops elsewhere, go here and read this. I've been waiting for someone to say everything she said, cause every time I started writing out a post it sounded kind of accusing and negative. anyway, Sydney NAILED IT.

AND my latest hobby. HA it's comical how many I go through. dude. I need to acquire some serious motivation to uhhh... post things and sell things. cause I'm poor. so someone please leave some of that on my door step in a brown paper package, if you please.

shoot an email if you want a custom one. it'll cost ya $8, and if you're in between American Fork (maybe Lehi if I really like you) and Provo, I'll hand-deliver it! boom. 

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