A cliche New Years post except it doesn't have any pictures plus it's a freakin' NOVEL.

Hello and HAPPY New Years Eve to you! I'm not going to regale you with pictures (I'm much much MUCH to impatient for that) or tell you each and every experience that happened. no. but seriously. 
 IS it written somewhere.. is it an law of nature... or something, that you learn, grow, and cry the most during your 20th year? WELLLLLLLLLLL if it is, I've got that law down pat. 

I was thinking the other day, about 2013. It handed me SO many lessons and experiences, that taught me a butt-load about myself. like, really. It wasn't all easy, but it wasn't all bad either! I've been raised right, therefore I have learned how to best look at situations. I don't regret a single darn thing. I know that's cliche, but really.
Friends leaving, friends coming, situations turning out WAY different than I thought they would, finals being taken and kicked in the butt, opportunities offered and taken, talents discovered. it's been a ride. GRACIAS, 2013. you made me cry a lot, but you also gave me laugh and smile and pray a lot. and you also reminded me of how important it is to have a loving Heavenly Father just one pray away. and how blessed I am to have a family who supports me.

anyways! to ring in the new year, I saw this sweet thing on Pinterest! I'm really bad at New Years resolutions... (is anyone actually good at them though?) but I think I do better with multiple little goals instead of one big one.
so I'm taking this template and running wild with it!!


-A bad habit I'm going to break: oh my gosh, when I hurt myself and the word blend "SHHHH" comes flying off my lips. not that it always ends in a swear. but I'm going to replace that with something like ... "ZZZZZZZ" ... not as satisfying. we'll work on that. (at least it's not FFFFFFF)

-A new skill I'd like to learn: Sewing. I know the basics, but I am going to defeat that Bernina. I am. oh, also. Adobe Illustrator.

-A good deed I am going to do: ... um. well I hope to do way more than one good deed. this is awkward.

-A place I'd like to visit: OK. if I get a good MA job, a real good one, and I'm careful with my money, and I find someone to go with me, New York City please. if I'm feeling less adventurous, San Fran will do. ... I MEAN NO. I WILL NOT SETTLE. NEW YORK HERE I COME. (I want to go in the fall so I can sing Autumn in New York everywhere I go. and so I can quote You've Got Mail every day.)

-A book I'd like to read: The Book Of Mormon. I did it once, and I am going to do it again!

-A new food I'd like to try: that PB, bacon, honey, banana sandwich at Wich-wich. oh no. now that sounds good and I might go get it today but it's STILL 2013!!!!!

-I'm going to do better at: Listening, and being a good friend. and keeping up my shop.

2014 is going to move me out of my house, bring back my best friend, take away another. It's going to teach me more and more as I live that stupid and great thing called adulthood. and I'm going to appreciate it afterward and maybe even a little bit as it's rolling along.


like huge. I should actually make this it's own post. I've been meaning to write abute it forever! My Amanda got her mission call!! YOU GUYS!!! we all thought Canada was gonna be it. I was settled on that. but alas.... CARLSBAD CAULIFORNIA! (yes I spelled that right)
AHH. ok. significance: her brother Jordan, who is in the Irvine mission, got CALLED to the Carlsbad mission. but then they rearranged things over there and he's in Irvine but they got almost the exact same mission call. WHAT. "Why almost", you ask? cause she will be speaking ESPANOL! holler. so yeah two of my best friends will be speaking spanish in front me just to annoy. if anyone has a good reference for spanish lessons, hook a sister up.
I'm so proud of you, Amanda!!

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  1. Yeah I should make swearing a habit to get rid of. Especially because Ivy is going to learn to talk.

    I don't tell you enough how proud I am of you. You are SO awesome. I'm so glad you're my sister and Ivy's auntie- there's no one better :)