Throwback Thursday: All about Nina the record player

I think I've told the story of the record player, yes? have I? I don't remember. and if I don't remember, we're gonna say it didn't happen. plus THROWBACK THURSDAY Y'ALL!

Jessy and I have always been the sort of gift-giving types to
A... give late gifts. I think this Christmas is the first on-time gift she'll receive.
and B... go to the store and pick out what we want, and then the other very obviously secretly hides it in the cart. it's always kind of a joke, and it's always just fine and we don't care and no hard feelings! It's actually mostly on her part that this happens, and I don't blame her at all cause although you might see something at the store and think, "that reminds me of holly!" ... I'm apparently extremely hard to shop for.

That's why I was SO ... befuddled! and confused! and CLUELESS! when she was working so hard for months, asking my family members and other friends "which one I'd rather have" .... you guys. I seriously, could not imagine what it was she was getting me. I knew there was a choice between blue or orange... and that's all. I had no clue. To this day, I'm still so shocked and proud that she kept this a secret!

Even though it was one night in February that she gave it to me, it had been a Christmas present, so when she let me come into my room after she got it all set up, there was a Frank Sinatra & Bing Crosby Christmas vinyl playing. I was too busy freaking out at how amazing the present was, and crying, and hugging her, that I didn't really pay attention to the vinyl. Well I was WAY happy, and shocked that she found one in good condition, but I was over Christmas so I just put it with my other records for later.

LITTLE DID I KNOW it was seriously, just, one-of-a-kind. A few weeks ago, I turned it on because the Holiday seasons were here! and let me tell you. I could have just laid on the floor all day and listened to it. On once side, you have Bing and Frank, just caroling away with their homies. I love it, cause in between almost every song they say, "Merry Christmas everybody!" like it's the end of the record but it's NOT! and then on the other side, it's a Crosby family show. I don't exactly know what's happening, but it sounds like a skit of Bing and his wife and sons.
I MEAN REALLY. I don't think Jess knew how rad this was when she bought it at... DI I believe. guh. she outdid herself and she didn't even know it!

So that's all I have to say about that. That corner of my room has become my favorite, slowly but surely. I love it. Oh! and that green table/shelf thing? used to be plain and white, but I decided to turn it into a home for Nina.

aaaand AMEN.

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