the great and the ham

liiiike, not to brag or anything. but my life is sort of A+ right now. which, yes, I think I deserve because of the months of stress and dumb stuff a couple months back. so I mean, a little break from cares is nice. but I know it won't last, don't worry, I'm not getting cocky.

My wee little job is so great, so great. I've been babysitting for these people for 5 years, but little did I know, there was still lots to learn about navigating the world of Miles the great and Crew the... ham. seriously, I don't know what that expression really means, but by the way people use it, it seems to fit Crew Navasard. he kills me.
Miles gets cranky, yanks Crew down and drags him by his hood. I tell Miles to go sit on the bed, he cries, I go in there to talk to him, he cuddles with me and I'm gone! The kid WERKS the pouty face.
I mean come on man.
A 4-year-old  and an 18-month-old balance each other out quite nicely. I'm learning Miles' language and everything! I'm pretty good at this nannying stuff! It's pretty easy when you already love the rascals so much.

I've also had a crap load of photo shoots, and when I say that I mean they have been taking over my life + non-existant social life. it's totally fine though, man. My only complain is that I think my brain is turning to sploosh from staring at the computer screen for so long each day, cause when I get on the computer to edit, I usually waste time elsewhere for a whiiiile. So I decided to read a book, and have that replace computer time (well some of it. I have to keep working. ha.)

So I picked up a book.. or two. I wanted to read The Book Thief, but I couldn't find our copy so I started Call the Midwife, and I LOVED it. (not even kidding you when I say if I was in an emergency, where someone was actually popping that baby out right there at Target or something, I could handle it decently. you know, until the trained professionals got there.)
well then later that day, I was at Kelsey's, and she had The Book Thief. so I started reading that, and I loved it too! I'm reading two books at once. sue me.
I must go get ready for my day. 
stay golden. 

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