Life is easier in November

You know? Life would suck without the spirit.
I've been kind of strugglin' with a decision lately, the decision being whether or not to quit my job while I do an internship. I know I would be stressed out, and I would kind of hate life. (I'm grateful for that job, but a year is good enough for me.) but money is important.
So I was planning on looking for one this week even if I didn't get a new job/decide to quit or whatever.

Luckily, the people in my life keep being awesome. I am now living my life-long (or 5-year-long) dream of nannying for the Navasards. It's just three days a week, a few hours a day, but you know, it's SOMETHING. Today was my first day with that, and I was planning to quit Response eventually... just didn't know if it would be today.  I was iffy all day leading up to work. I've obviously been praying about what to do, and when I got to work, I didn't even think, I just put in my notice.
And it felt GOOD.

Instead of getting a clear feeling of calmness before, telling me what to I should do, the spirit kind of shoved me into the situation, and forced the words out of my mouth, and THEN gave me a confirmation that it was right. and that everything would be A-OK.

It's been 6 hours and I still feel good about it! It's been a good day, and I'm excited for what's comin'.

PLUS, I just really think life is so much easier to handle when it's November. and December.

HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON. I can't wait for Thanksgiving. oh my oh my oh my. more on that later.

(PS. it is also photography, graphic design, and my etsy shop that will be keeping me afloat for the next few months, so you know, spread the word, hummingbird!)

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