Lady of Camelot

I was raised loving America. obviously. hah. I LOVE HISTORY. I mean, I'm not that good at remembering stuff. not really at all. but it all fascinates me. that's why I love old photos and antiques so much, because that is all history. but that's a different story for a different time.

We just watched Killing Kennedy (GOOD movie. good casting. I'm a nerd for good casting jobs. Rob Lowe... swoon)

I just gotta say, that Jackie Kennedy was one hell of a woman. She carried herself with such grace, and all while she knew her husband was fooling around with other women. She wasn't a pushover, she just wanted to keep a clean name for the family and support that sex-crazed man. so I mean, maybe a little push-over-y, but I think she was pretty selfless to do that.

I would just love to have a conversation with that gal.

ALSO have you seen this video? it's Lana Del Rey. I hate it. stop trying to impersonate a legend for your stupid music video. barf.

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