I got an internship!! I start in January! Let's make a pro's and cons list.

-Literally 3 minutes from my house if I hit that one green light
-It's the office I've gone to growing up
-I won't have to commute in the supposed-to-be hellish winter
-It's a small office (that's what I wanted)
-I hear the nurse I'll be following is the nicest person ever. (heard it from the motha)
-I have the holidays FREE, so I don't have to bother with days off or anything
-I can sit on my butt and craft for those 2 months

- ................. THERE ARE NONE

I'm happy. and RELIEVED. I was gonna have to go back out there into the cruel world and search every doctors office in Utah! but now I can relaaaax!

Life is good. All is well. 

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