How I don't have carpal tunnel and stuff

I don't even know where I'm gonna go with this blog post!

All I know is... it's a miracle that I have made it this far without carpal tunnel. as of right now, two thirds of my income involves the computer, and before, it was 3/4s so I mean... you do the math. The Carpal Tunnel Gods have shown me mercy.

I just realized that I am just... really behind on photo shoots. I was going to go out and once again search for an internship tomorrow, but now I'm not so sure that will be happening! I had a BIG family a few weeks ago, and a big family means lots of different arrangements. almost. there. gahhh. but then I have ... 5 more? to be done by Saturday. holler.

forgive me, if I haven't given you your cd on time. yikes. is all I can say.
and wish me luck.

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