Time to call it 30

Man, I wish I had the energy to sit up right now so I could work on some artsy fartsy stuff. but I have ZERO energy. funerals really take it out of ya!

speaking of funerals, I was at my Grandma's. I am officially a grandparentless child, but hey that's ok. I'm really just beyond happy that all of those cuties are mingling and having a ball up there in heaven. I've been thinking about heaven a lot lately. not in a creepy way, obviously. man, I'm so glad I know the truth. it makes funerals much happier, don't you say?

So no, I'm not asking for pity. no no no no. because it is really a happy thing. My grandpa Ben has been gone for 16 years! Just sitting up there, doing good I'm sure, and waiting for his sweetie.
I'm so grateful for the knowledge of this Gospel, and the absolute peace it brings to our lives. I can't imagine how hard life must be for those who don't know it. I'm so happy that armfuls of my friends are out there spreading the good word! YOU GO MISSIONARIES!

anyways. I may have mentioned this. but at the end of each letter my grandparents wrote to each other, they would write "Alright, it's time to call it 30!"
or "Let's call it 30, sweetheart"

I googled it, and the phrase has NO search results. which  means it was probably an inside joke. It's kind of driven me crazy, but I just decided to use it even if I don't know what the story is. because I do know, that it's something to say when you're leaving/ closing a letter or whatever.

Now as I'm dying of tiredness, let's call it 30.

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