Spread Joy

HEY. I have some good news.
I discovered a sweet site, that does good.
I was watching THIS video, off of Soul Pancake (love those guys. let's all agree that the world is going to cry together when Kid President hits puberty and his voice is less hilarious  and all that.)

anyways. Sevenly.org. 
Each week, they pull up a different campaign, and that week, whatever you buy, 7 dollars of it goes to that campaign.
Causes such as kids fighting cancer, homelessness, national autism association, Invisible Children, etc. seriously you guys, go to this page and look at the TONS of different causes they help.

it is truly incredible. I'm so glad there are people brilliant, brave, and kind enough to start things like this. At first I was like, ehhhh $7? what is that gonna do? but then look at how much they have raised just this week. go ahead. look. (the stuff is pricy, but I just ordered the cheapest thing that I liked, andd... I like it! a lot of this is to spread awareness. people may ask, "hmm what's with the shirt?" and you will respond accordingly.)

This week's cause is prevention of teen suicide. I know anxiety, and anxiety and depression are brothers. neither is fun, and neither is easy to get rid of. So I'd say the shirt I just bought did some good.

I got this one, and it works! cause lately, I've been trying to just do small simple acts of service or kindness. Even if it just means NOT avoiding eye contact with someone in the Target parking lot, and smiling at them instead. Or telling someone how great you think they are.
really. So I'm way excited for this shirt. and that I helped change the world. (your email receipt subject line, if you buy something, says "Here's proof you changed the world!" I MEAN...?!!)

Spread joy, everybody.

Have a delightful weekend!

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