Superglue and productivity


I completely absolutely totally meant to get dressed, get ready, and go talk to a couple doctors offices about an internship.
But then Ivy, and Parks & Rec, and designing my new graphic, and popcorn, and sweats happened.
I don't really feel that bad about not going out to do what I was going to, because I've been productive!
I got permission from my supervisor at Mormon.org to try something new,
(If I can pull it off!)

So I've also been doing that today! Also I've made a few bows, cleaned my desk, done my laundry and I'm about to work on one of many photoshoots waiting to be edited. And then I'll go to work, where we are getting paid to carve pumpkins. HOLLAAAAA. 

OH, also, this morning I woke up to some yelling and comotion upstairs. I though Ivy had pooped from hell to breakfast, or something. but I walk upstairs and my brother is on the ground, by my mom's foot, which was stuck to the floor with superglue. Honestly, if there's a better thing to wake up to, go ahead and let me know cause it was HILARIOUS. (she was trying to fix the drawer? and the glue was more liquidy than she thought, so it dripped onto the floor without her realizing. haha)

Have a wonderful Halloweeneve! 

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