not selfies

I think I'm getting WAY too used to this life where I just wake up, do what ever I want all day, go to work, and come home and watch movies and go to sleep.yeah, it's getting too comfortable.
The reason I'm not in an internship right now, is because I'm trying to get another part-time job to get settled into, then I'll go to an internship for medical assisting.
I have an interview for a part-time receptionist at (a branch) of my dad's work on Thursday. So I'm reeeeeally crossing my fingers on that, cause it sounds like it would be perfect!

anyways, for now, I'm doing a lot of projects. and I'm loving it. seriously. ha.
also, lots of photo shoots. almost too many in fact.
I had Katie snap a few of me while I was doing her photo shoot the other day. heh.
andddd YEP I'm wearing that shirt in every blog picture ever TAKEN. what that heeeeck?! coincidence this time, I'm sure.
by the by. these aren't selfies. selfies are pictures you take of YOURSELF. I just want the world to know that difference. get it right, GUYS. hahahaaha

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