Nobody's Lives are as perfect as they look on instagram; a post about comparison

The other day, my friend put this picture on instagram:

Click here for her site--- so many good things!

Isn't this just one of the hardest parts about being a human sometimes? Especially with pinterest, and blogs, and facebook, and pinterest. I'm glad someone else thought of this and wrote it down. Cause I KNEW I wasn't the only one.

I've been working on this lately. I have a really competitive spirit...(wonder where that comes from.. perhaps that man who sometimes races home from church) and sometimes I let comparison turn into competition. I'll admit, sometimes seeing other people doing the same thing I'm doing, fuels me. And that is just not mentally healthy!  So lately, I've been trying to compete with myself. "hmmm that graphic was good, but I think I can think even further outside the box". and instead of looking at other people's work and trying to be better, I roll with it and let it inspire me instead.

And then there's those blogs you read where the life of the person just seems so stupidly beyond perfect, and you start being all like, "maaaan why is MY life just sucky?". but NO. because you know what? NOBODY'S LIVES ARE AS PERFECT AS THEY LOOK ON INSTAGRAM. there is no such thing as a perfect life, because God. gives. us. trials. all of us. He does it because he loves us, and wants us to grow stronger. Some people are just much better at faking it than others, and kudos to you people! (FYI... I'm not saying people should get on their blog and write about all the hard things their going through. duh. that would be weird. but also, if they do, that's cool too cause it's brave. ok you get what I'm saying)

So quit it. just stop, and remember your worth, your talents, and your strengths.
Just be you, because that is all God ever intended you to be.

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