Movie : Gone With The Wind

your monthly peek into a movie that you've probably seen, but Holly just saw it for the first time so she's gonna talk about it! like a book club! but where she's talking to herself.
And I'm not going to talk in third-person. Don't worry.
Also, this might be more than monthly, or maybe less than monthly. We'll just roll with it.

Gone with the Wind.

K. When I was little, my mother apparently thought I would love the gowns and lovliness of this movie... yeah, all I remember is how bored I was, and a lot of red backgrounds. snore.
Now that I'm older, and more mature (am I though?) , I decided to take another whack at it. So I did. and I loved it. Well, I also hated it. it was just so many emotions! am I right?!

A few comments is all I'll say. eh hem.

1. I learned more about the war in that movie than I took from any history class. HA. sad but true.
2. Rhett Butler,  HUBBA HUBBA. is that inappropriate to say? whatever. I'm over it. he is just everything, man. what a hunk.
3. Scarlett is SOOOO BAD-A. when we got about an hour into it I was like, "MOM. Why is she such a huge heroine to the world? everyone loves her, but she's being so whiney and duuuumb."
"Keep watching, holly." ... that I did, and I love her. she doesn't put up with crap, that Scarlett. she works for what she wants. And although I don't condone lying, stealing, and manipulating to get something you want... we're gonna say it's fine. she did it with such grace. usually. She's difficult, and stubborn, but also brave and strong. YOU GET IT SHE'S AWESOME.
4. MELANIE WILKES. are you serious? she's just like that girl who is going out with the guy you like and you wanna hate her but you can't cause she's so nice. well she's only like that at first. then through the movie you discover that she is just the greatest human being to walk the earth, and the best friend EVER. honestly, right up there with Samwise. and that is saying something. I knew she wasn't gonna kick Scarlett out of her party when that rumor was spread.
5. My Mama wasn't wrong! I did love all the gowns and setting of the movie. it was a good one. I can seeeeee why it's classic.

Alright, I'm done!

Stay excellent.

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  1. Based on your review, I have decided I will someday watch that movie. You made it sound way better then what I've been thinking all these years.