Just 3 quick things

man, I've done nothing physical all day! feels great! haha.

1. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Ma's out shopping for puuuuddin' and yogurt and juice. any other advice? Should be a nice relaxing conference weekend....? hahaha.

2. I just went to my dashboard and I have 5 blogs under my power. ha! this one, my photography site, my dearest Sister Brown's, and I'm currently working on the lovely Megan Marie's!  cheers to her. She asked me to make her a London-themed blog header, and she'd pay me in a souvenir from Harry Potter Studios. I mean WHAAAAT? I'd ten times rather have that than money. THANKS GURRRRL! (check it out! it's cute I think.)

3. Bing Crosby, man. You know I love him we all know this. His VOICE You Guys!!!!!! !!!!!!
and his face too. but really. I could listen to his voice all day. too bad he mainly did Christmas music... which is fine. cause Christmas is coming. Also I'm obsessed with Grace Kelly. AAAAND I'm watching High Society and wishing I could text Megan (sister Brown, you know) the hilarious and corny quotes from it.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Don't eat anything too acidic. I tried eating Tomato soup when I still had my stitches and holy buckets, I wanted to die.