I'm my own grandma; Embroidery edition

On one episode of the office, they're talking about Grandma's, and Angela, in all her Angela-ness says (very seriously), "Some of us have to be our own grandmas" HAHA. I laughed so hard cause that's totally me. 1, cause I literally have no grandma's (don't be sad for me, I'm fine. I have pictures!) and 2, because I do grandma things. like crochet and embroidery and I have a typewriter but I guess now that's more hipster than grandma.

Goodness, I was thinking, my coworkers are probably passed the point of That girl is so weird with her hobbies that she brings to work and more to the point of Ohp! Here's Holly's next big thing! Still kinda weird! But I'm not even self-conscious because the number of pokemon conversations they have every day (average of 4) makes me feel ok about all my grandma crafts.Hashtag: nerd power

The Colorado/Utah one is for my sister, Jill. Due to some complications with his business, her husband had to move back to Colorado. She'll follow in a couple months, but in the meantime they have to live off weekend visits and facetime and... duh duh duh DUUHHHH a boyfriend pillow. ha! he got it for her. how precious.
She's one tough ol' bird, that Jill. always has been.

So the map ones started with that, LITERALLY the two easiest states to draw/stitch. And then I got the idea to make them for Jessy and Megan for Christmas. Can we have a moment of PRIDE right now, for that Brazil? I am  honestly way impressed with myself. k? anyways. we'll see how Florida goes. (and I realize Utah and Brazil are about 3000000000000 miles from actual scale, but I think Utah would be about as big as that heart. ha)

I'll be selling the map doo-da's like those in the near future, so if you're interested in having one made, email me at h.therob@gmail.com !

Stay Golden! 

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  1. Can you be my grandma. Because all of those are freaking darling. AND I'M LIKE OBSESSED.