good Thursday

you know how sometimes days are just GOOD?
I mean it's only 1:00, but I have faith in the rest of the day, kids. I've got hope.

First I went to a job interview, that I think went pretty well... I really hope. but I'm also not getting my hopes up. galjgsdljfsaljf

Then while I was in Provo, I decided to swing by The Harmony Shop since I hadn't been in a whiiiile, and I need to get Megan's package together soon. Man, can I just say? I love family businesses. they make you feel like you're at home! the girl there, she was just so genuine, and so nice. and THEN! one of my favorite blogging people/ instagram stalkees, Alison from The Alison Show walked in! I mean, I didn't introduce myself but she said hi to me, man!! Cheers to that!!

And then I went to Old Navy and the shirt I was getting was half the price it said it was.

BOOM BABY. now I just need to get through work today, and I'm good for the weekend!

Oh, and can I just say, I think my dream life would be to live in one of those historic and AMAZING hoods kinda north-east of Provo Center Street. and work at the Harmony Shop. and just craft all day and walk/ride my bike to work. cause that town is magical, I tell you. Especially at this lovely time of year.

ok I'm done with that rant! have a lovely Thursday, all!

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