a really adventerous weekend

this has been one H of a weekend, kids. I've had SO many adventures!
like, walking outside and sitting on porch chair with Ivy for 2 minutes, walking upstairs to get my medicine, oh! going on a car ride with my pa to get a shake and go to the bank... that was the big one.

laying on the couch for 4 days straight, it can get old. but for the most part it's been bearable. probably because my family isn't overbearing, and I have really great friends who come to visit me and just sit. I'm grateful for them.
and especially my mother. holy cricket, that woman.

I've discovered that a hoodie + draw strings works way better than an ace bandage to keep ice on your face.
And that if you absolutely need something besides shakes, juice, smoothies, pudding... make someone go get you Ritz Crackers. babies barely have teeth and they eat them! cause you can just suck on them instead of chew! haha gross. gross. I know.
Also, I've mastered the art of making food go straight down my tongue instead of straying off to the painful holes of death.
AAAAAND as I mentioned before, I'm so grateful for medicine. I know for a FACT that Heavenly Father wants us to use it. ha.

I watched The Office season 9, which I hadn't seen before, and even though I DID see the finale when it aired, I still cried 4.5 times.
And of course, I watched Conference, and of course, I slept through most of it. Just being honest here, people! but that's why they publish the talks in reading-form. am I right.

SIDES STORY: that reminds me. last week was fast Sunday, right? well I was sitting with Alex, and at the beginning of the lesson, the teacher asked, "Ok, so fast Sunday. Raise your hand if it's ever hard, or a hassle for you to fast."
Alex and I slowly raised our hands. ARE YOU KIDDING ME PEOPLE? that made me kind of annoyed, that no one else would fess up. Obviously fasting doesn't always have to be hard, but it is sometimes! and no one had the balls to admit it but me and her! THANK GOODNESS we did, cause we totally got a huge candy bar. go us, Pamplet. Go us.

Ok, I can't keep Netflix waiting any longer.

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