wud up holly?

here it is.

I am.

Watching--- Hart of Dixie, and some random How I Met Your Mother. (Let's talk about Wade Kinsella right now. ok actually I just don't have words but YUM)
Wearing--- jeans and a T shirt by day, hideous but incredibly comfortable nightgown by night.
Eating--- cereal, sandwiches, pumpkin steamers, repeat
Writing--- a book report, letters to Jessy & Megan, and an ongoing blog post
Creating--- NOTHING, and that's not ok. I'm gonna get on that right now actually.
Listening to--- Mindy Gledhill's new album, and Of Monsters and Men radio on Pandora.
Singing--- the LOTR theme. you know, the one that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. that one. I was humming it during my math test today and I didn't even care if people thought I was weird cause it was taking the stress away just a tiny bit. (oh ps I got 61 right on my math test! we won't go into how many possible points there were.)
Reading--- P & P, Audrey Hepburn's biography, and bits and pieces of The Last Lecture (for said book report)
Studying--- math but I'm almost done so I can move onto the actual finals. MATH WAS MADE IN HELL.
Going--- School, work, home, bed (netflix, refer to "Watching")
Dreaming about--- Charleston South Carolina. My sister just went on a cruise, and it left from there. and I was super jealous. well today at school, I had a few minutes to spare, and I have a weird love for maps. so I took it to the next level, set that sucker on street view and gave myself a tour of Charleston. SERIOUSLY I DIED. why don't I do that more often? it's like a cyber vacation, man! (that is really really sad isn't it?)

this weather is glorious. amen.

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