Thanks again, Utah

Happiest Sunday to you!

On Friday night, Ma and Pa headed up to a little weekend in Midway without us hoodlums. But they just missed us SO BAD that they called on Saturday morning and had me and Isaac come join them on a four-wheeling adventure in the mountains! The Zermatt hooks it UP. they rent out Razors and give you a map and a time limit, yada yada.

I don't know if I've said this, but one of my biggest fears is heights. It's not really something that I come across a lot... but it's there. oh it's there. cliffs especially.
so anyways, I faced my fears though! it was a BLAST.

here are some pictures. UNEDITED, even. (that's big for me. haha)

WHY WOULD ANYONE NOT WANT TO LIVE HERE?! ok I mean I guess yeah, other states are pretty too. but really.
thanks, Utah.

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