sweet gig still

I wanna talk about failure and improvement for a second.

Until this little gig with mormon.org came along, I hadn't ever really pushed myself concerning art. with photography, it's my own business so I can do what ever I want. I make the pictures look how I want them to, and the people pay me for my taste.

With this graphic design gig it's a little different! I have someone telling me what they want done, with a little guidance on how they want it done, still incorporating my own style.
it's a little tricky! probably because I... 1. Am not a graphic designer, well I guess maybe but self-proclaimed amateur doesn't really count ;) and 2. am not good under pressure.

So this has been a whoooole different ballpark. About a month and a half ago, I started on a print, sent it in, they sent it back saying "switch these things up" and I did, sent it back, they sent it back, "switch this around". and that constructive criticism is what I needed, to improve myself and know what to do the next time around. 

Another thing is how it has pushed me and my right brain beyond the walls of what I usually do. you know? They like us to try and include some sort of graphic having to do with the quote, (like this) and that makes you have to think outside the box! but I mean, soon, thinking outside the box for me will be inside the box, because it'll become so natural! and then thinking outside the box will be WAY CRAZY.

In a short ehh... 3 month? period of time, I have learned a lot. and see, that's how I usually learn with this kind of stuff - - - just from experience. I think experience is the best teacher.
I'm grateful for this job, even if it's tricky sometimes.

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