stress girl

I could be like, man! I'm sorry I haven't posted in 5 days! you must be dying!
but then I remember how it bugs me when girls who have less than 1000 followers do that, and also I'm pretty sure my readers range from my mom, to Emily, to maybe Jill. SO ANYWAYS.

On Sunday, I was looking at my week with absolute dread. finals. you understand. but the problem was, I had (have) to take 6 finals in 2 days. so my schedule was just wonky, and I didn't know how to DEAL!

Then I decided, you know what? I'll study, I'll work my butt off, my brain will turn to mush, and then when it comes time and I've done all I could, the Lord will step in. we learn this from a young age, that you don't pray to get an A on a test. you work hard and study, and then maybe you'll get an A. or if you're me, a C. (not even complaining.) and I'll do my best and that's all I can do.

So I'm pretty ok right now. I've had about 3 nervous breakdowns (nervous breakdown meaning I start to overthink and then I cry and then I feel better. aren't you glad I'm so honest over here? haha)
and I've discovered that the way I handle stress is talking, and thinking out loud. laying out a plan in words. (thanks mom for taking one for the team every morning and night while I yap on) I've stuck with my plan PRETTY swimmingly this week, and I'm proud of myself for that.

The other way I deal with it/focus is... YOUUUU GUESSED IT. Harry Potter. most of my study time this week has involved Harry Potter playing in the background. I'm so used to the movies that it's not a huge distraction, (besides that part in 3 when Harry and his buds are eating those candies that make you sound like animals and Ron turns into a lion. AM I RIGHT LADIES? mmm. hot dang) So yes, we can thank JK Rowling & The Warner Brothers for keeping me calm this week.

Lastly, the most important thing is rest. no matter what, I make myself stop studying at ten. so that I have time to come up here to this happy room and use my right brain for some graphic-makin' goodness.

Have a lovely Thursday and Friday, I'll let you know if I'm alive on Saturday.

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