Loony I mean Luna Lovegood

PEEPS. I'm so excited.
I love new projects.
I'm actually a really really bad finisher of projects. like I am not even going to say that I'm 100% sure I'll finish this project. no, I think I will. but I know it is going to take me a really long time. cause I just know myself. plus it's gotta be perf.

A few months ago, I got the idea to do a Harry Potter ABC book. but I was like Eeehhhh yeah how the cricket am I gonna do that? I may be creative, but I'm not an artist of people. so I kinda just let it go.

BUT THEN, I bought that progarm, ArtRage? and I've been practicing a TON (it takes practice. Bamboo tablets are a whole notha' can of worms) and I realized, HELLO, I can use this for my book!

I'll probably just shutterfly it... I don't know. haven't really figured that part out yet. this started out for Ivy, and it's not like I'm gonna publish or anything. It's just a fun little project! (I am clueless when it comes to copyright mumbo jumbo, seriously. like, am I allowed to sell things with Harry Potter references in them? not a clue! lawyers? help a sista out. hahahaha)

I have Dumbledore and Luna so far.
OK DO YOU REALIZE HOW MANY H'S ARE IN THIS DANG SERIES?! Harry Hermione Hagrid Hedwig Hogwarts Horcrux YIKES.
like... I guess I can omit Harry. he's not that important.

here's Luna! (I shouldn't be paranoid of people copying cause I'm SUUUUPER amateur. but say hello to the watermarks.) (also, the "you're just as sane as I am" isn't going to be in the book. I just wanted to fill some space. ya feel me?)

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  1. Holly, this book will be awesome and I will need a copy. I won't talk about buying it from you here, cause you know copyright, but I'll keep it on the downlow. :)