last pass-off, and the last lecture

I did my last pass-off today. rewind. a pass-off is where you practice actually doing something that a medical assistant would do. like drawing blood, taking vitals, etc. In a lot of the pass-offs, you need another student to be your patient.
In today's pass-off - - - my last pass-off - - - Miss Ivy Jo herself was my patient. I was flustered because I was rushing to get her into the school, so I missed a few but big whoop. she was lovely.

Unfortunately, this does not mean I'm done with school. I'm done with all of the blocks of bookwork, but I still have 1 big clinical "pass-off" to do, (with a real scenario and a patient and all that good stuff) annnd a math test, a book report, and then 6 finals.
SIX YOU GUYS. barf, I know.

There's a dumb rule that's a little complicated so I won't go into it, but basically I can't start taking finals till the week of the 16th. and I have to be done.. DONE with school by the 21st.
6 finals in 5 days may not seem that bad, but I am not a test person.
so pray for me, if you please. 

My book report is on "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. HAVE YOU READ IT? have you heard of it? have you thought about reading it? man I'm not even complaining about reading that book because it was so ding dang darn good. it will leave you feeling so good about life, and wanting to be the best person you can possibly be. it will also leave you wanting to write random thank-you notes to everyone you know, and... well just read it. you'll understand.
PLUS if you get the audio book, the reader sounds just like Flynn Ryder.
so there.
no but seriously go buy that book and make all of your children read it too. OR for I don't know, family home evening or a Sunday activity, watch it here.

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