Just another Harry Potter post.

I'm a sick person. apparently it happens every time the seasons change... but only a mom would acutally know that, right? so I'm trusting her on this.

I've watched a lot of Hart of Dixie and Harry Potter. when you're not sick, you think, "ahhh it'd be so nice to be a little sick right now, so I could just lay here and watch Netflix all day longgggg"

Well I'm sick of screens. so I'm going to read now. I'm going to read Harry Potter, starting from the beginning. See, when I finished Harry Potter a few months ago, I had started on number 3, because I read the first two when I was a youngin', and then for some ridiculous reason didn't keep reading them. (I was young an immature, that's why. and a fool. a beautiful little fool) ALSO as I've admitted before, I didn't read 5 because it was duuuuumb. but I'll read it this time.

So, CHEERS to JK Rowling, for getting me through this winter... and adding to the happiness of autumn.

here are my favorite Harry Potter pins. you're welcome. (all sources here)

 I could die

 Neville would be the professor all the girls had a crush on, and I'm pretty sure... like ALMOST POSITIVE, they took Dr. Chase from House and made him look more like Malfoy by inserting blond hair. he looks just like him. oh, and the new McDreamy.
 I will literally have both of these pictures framed somewhere in my future home.
 I'm a huge fan of Luna.
 tough bihhh.
hahahaha I don't know why.

ok! I'm done! mischief managed.


  1. So glad you're my sister. And oh my gosh I die. That one of Bellatrix's hair! I don't know if I've ever seen that one! And the I love Ron Weasley shirt. OH man. I love Harry Potter!!

  2. Those are awesome!! I re-read the books this summer! I'm about to start Deathly Hallows but had to take a short break to read Anne of Green Gables. I LOVE the books so much! Book 5 is much better then the movie. I had an epiphany while I was reading it this last time-Part of what bugged me before was that Harry is soooo emotional and I just want to yell 'get a grip' at him. But, this time I was thinking maybe he's so emotional and angry all the time because he's feeling what Voldemort is feeling. That helped me feel a little more sympathetic for him. (Possibly that is obvious to everyone else, and it just took me a while to pick up on . . . either way, it made the book better to me!)