So we ALLLLL KNOW I passed my finals. yeah yeah yeah.
but now, I am officially done with school. I had an exit interview today, which went amazingly. (it wasn't really much of an interview, but I bonded with my instructor more than I have all year, and found out she loves me! haha)

So now, I'm going to RELAX. for a little while. just maybe a week, and then I'll start looking for an internship. I'm praying I can get one with Huntsman. I talked to Kathy, my teacher, about it, and she described what I'd be doing in that setting... could not be more perfect for me. I know I would feel so fulfilled every day. I'm stoked.

Today was good. And tomorrow will be good. It's weird thinking that I can stay home and not feel bad about it! if only for a little while :)

here's to a year of 1. Not falling down the stairs at MATC, and 2. Not getting pulled over on the freeway all year! (literally my two goals.) BOOM BABY.
To celebrate it all, I bought myself some Butterbeer and Pumpkin cookies at Harmon's.

and now I'm gonna go do some CRAFTIN'. haha.


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