1. I legitimately think Heavenly Father has blessed my metabolism in the passed couple months. I have been kind of a mess, SO busy, no time to work out or really care about what I eat. (don't worry guys I'm not eating like Mama June or anything) And I haven't really gained that much weight! or MAYBE he's blessing my mind to see that I haven't but I really have. haha. you be the judge.

2. Like I've said before. The friends I have... I am so grateful. like I said, I've been a mess in my own head, and friends keep me sane. People who are patient, understanding, accepting, and loving. you know who you are. and I love you.

3. Speaking of friends. I just watched Fellowship of the Ring for the second time. (I didn't even cry, man! that's how tired I am.) I just gotta say... I have a big cushy gooey soft spot in my heart for Samwise Gamgee. EVERYBODY be as good of a friend as Sam. really though. also I love that movie so much.

4. Last night when I was babysitting, Miles had a little night terror. I went upstairs, and he had wet the bed, and rolled around in it a little bit I think. know how I know? because I kissed his forehead and it was not sweat. (my parents called me pee-pee face when I got home) So I smelled like that last night, but I really didn't mind, because it was just so sad for Miles. No worries, he was asleep on my lap within ten minutes and on through the night. oh and THEN today I picked up Ivy and she was wet through her diaper. with my luck the cat will probably pee on me tonight. (do cats pee?)
(also that whole thing might have been TMI. ha.)

5.  My storm story: I was out at the little town home park with Macey, Miles and Crew. I looked over towards Provo and saw some super fast-moving clouds. I just thought it was cool. Then I kept looking, and saw that they were coming from way low, over by Payson. so THEN I thought it was a fire. but then I kept looking, and they started rolling over us at 100 miles per hour, and I was like "K WE GOIN' INSIDE". the second we got inside, the hurricane started. Stemming from a childhood of anxiety, I was like "THIS IS THE END" but then it stopped and we all lived the end.

6. This next two weeks, I'll have to constantly be reminded to take one day at a time. cause thinking about it all together makes me want to cry. And I'll probably be at Kneaders every single night and morning for a Pumpkin Steamer. I also need to remember, in TWO WEEKS I WILL BE DONE AND FREE. oh glory.

7. I'm kind of glad JK isn't writing another Harry Potter book, like everyone thinks. I got plenty of closure, and I think it'd be weird to continue the story. PLUS 7 is the magic number. But I think she should definitely write more books within the wizarding world. how cool would that be?! Like about the lives of different characters. let's write her and say that. k.

have a good week, as I will try to do!

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